Advance Your Career

Code 400-level courses are the most intense courses offered at Vancouver Coding School. Students come in with various backgrounds and leave with the training and skills they need to excel as professional software developers. Code 401 courses require prior experience in software development, whether through preceding Vancouver Coding School courses, self-study, or on-the-job training.

Code 401: Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript

Students will learn to build full-stack applications. The first eight weeks focus on building back-end web applications with Node.js. During weeks twelve through eighteen, students learn to build web apps with modern front-end libraries and frameworks. This course goes in depth into the core competencies of JavaScript, object-oriented programming, and functional programming. Students get hands-on practice in test-driven development with agile tools and best practices.

Class Format

While every day is a little different, students can expect consistency. Half of the time per week, students are in class learning to code through lectures, in-class assignments, and live coding sessions. The other half of the time (or more) is spent in lab time, getting specialized attention from instructors and TAs and honing development skills—all preparation to land a high-paying job as a software developer. Some days are dedicated to project presentations and our Career Development Curriculum, which prepares students for their job search.

What Can Code 401 Graduates Do?

Code 401 courses are designed for the developer who needs to put the finishing touch on their skill set, get real-world experience, or learn another programming language. To find out more about the success of our graduates, read the Student Success page for students who took their programs at Code Fellows. Vancouver Coding School uses this same curriculum and we expect similar success.